User tags

Upon signing up with Smashbomb, you are prompted to add up to 6 tags that best describe your interests. 

Tags are used to allow other users to search for and follow like-minded Smashbombers, and are used to give the Smashbomb system 'clues' about what items and users you may be most interested in hearing about, to help you discover new things.

You are able to edit your tags by selecting 'Account settings' from the dropdown menu underneath your profile image:

Item tags

You can also add tags to items (movies, books, places, etc) in order to make them easier to find. Although Smashbomb uses a category system for most items, (e.g, 'Thrillers' for movies), these are limited and can sometimes feel too generic. Tags are a great way of categorizing items in more detail. 

To add tags to an item, select 'Edit this item' from the gears icon menu in the top right hand corner of the item's profile where you will see the tags field to edit.

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